Cookery School Crowdfunding

The Marram Grass


We're creating a cookery school so that we can share our passion for cooking and our expertise to a new generation of Anglesey chefs.


Ellis has always had a pipe dream to have a cookery school that runs along side the restaurant. When he was 12, his first experience of cooking outside the home was through a Saturday cooking school run at the local college. That was it. As simple as that. Ellis was one of those lucky ones who new exactly what he wanted to do when he was older, and he put his mind into becoming a chef.


I’m sure it’s easy to see where Ellis’ excitement for a cookery school comes from. To be able to go full circle, from karate kid to Mr Miyagi for the next generation of chefs is an ambition that everyone must be able to relate to!


It’s going to be brilliant! It will act as a hub, from where we can develop our own chefs, we can teach the basic skills to budding chefs and we can teach skills and offer experiences to you guys who want to learn more and get hands on with food and drink. We’ve never been so excited.


So... this is where we need your help. We have set up a Kickstarter page in the hope to crowdfund £30,000 to make this multi functional cookery school a reality. With your help I’m sure we can do it, you guys have helped us get this far already. We need you to buy in to the project so we’ve put together a list of rewards to thank you for doing so. For more information take a look at the Kickstarter page by hitting the button below and be sure to check out the rewards section.




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