The Marram Grass

The apple of our eye, The Marram Grass is our original baby. It’s now a fully fledged restaurant based on Anglesey produce, utilising produce that we grow and rear ourselves through the team, and hitting up some fabulous produce from across the whole of Wales. 


It’s been our training wheels in the past. When we ran it as White Lodge Café for the parents back in the day (2009 – 2011) we had no idea what it would evolve into. Our efforts to make the all day breakfast Anglesey focused, gave us a reputation which attracted a loyal following that have supported us to present day. 


The name was inspired by the local practice of harvesting the grass to weave baskets and mats. We used the name to try and separate ourselves from the campsite, White Lodge Caravan park, that we are located at. To appeal to passers by. 


We’ve evolved the menu and offering year on year, initially we were keen to test ourselves, then to learn new skills. Now we work to showcase what the Island can offer and to keep ourselves and the team inspired and progressing. The Marram Grass is a high end restaurant with a focus on providence; well as high end as you can be in a shed with blues or rock music playing in the background.