Lerpwl - Albert Dock

We’ve never been more excited than to reveal that we will be opening a second restaurant in 2020. We have been searching for the perfect location over the past 18months and have ultimately fallen in love again with the Royal Albert Dock.


We really wanted to come home and continue our personal development. And we believe that Liverpool is ideally situated as too compliment our ongoing project at The Marram Grass.


Despite the obvious differences in the spaces, Liverpool and North Wales have a lot in common, ultimately sharing a massive heritage together. It will be great to see how the restaurants and teams can develop alongside each other and to explore what that means for a new opening.


We’re really excited to be coming back and see massive potential for the development of our team, ourselves and what it is that we can offer the city.


We are recruiting team members across all positions, including chefs, front of house, mixologists, apprenticeships and DJs. To enquire please visit the Lerpwl website.